Best oil for Honda eu2200i generator

The Honda eu2200i generator is your perfect companion when you are camping in the wild or when you run out of power in your house. The generator is compact hence making it easy to carry around and it is also quite easy to operate making it ideal for many travellers. It will hold its ground even under severe cold/hot weather conditions. The Honda generator has an output of around 2,200 watts which is quite sufficient to power up items when camping. 

The Honda Eu2200i is the improved version for the Honda 2200i which has had a history of powering RVs for years. It weighs a modest 46.5 lbs. Like most generators it does need an oil change occasionally to keep things well lubricated. In this review we examine some common motor oils that you can use for your Honda eu2200i generator.

Best oil for Honda eu2200i generator – Comparison table

Unique qualities
Pennzoil 10w 30 
Ergonomical container
Castrol 10w 30 
Superior protection against sludge and wear
Generac full synthetic 5w 30
Common for portable generators
Honda 08207 10w 30
Stable polymer additives 
Cummins 3265336 SAE 15w 40
Reduces oil loss via oxidation 

Reviews for Best oil for Honda eu2200i generator 

Pennzoil 10w 30 

Pennzoil Conventional 10W-30 Motor Oil (5-Quart, Single)
  • Conventional 10W-30 engine oil formula that keeps engines clean and responsive
  • No leading conventional oil provides better wear protection (based on Sequence IVA wear test using SAE 5W-30).
  • Helps prevent sludge and other damaging deposits (based on Seq VH Sludge Test)
  • Compatible with engine seals and all conventional oils
  • Suitable for all car, SUV, light van, and truck gasoline engines under all driving conditions (For vehicles...

According to the user manual for the Honda eu2200i you should use SAE 10w 30 motor oil. One such brand you can use for your generator is the Pennzoil 10w 30. This oil is available in a 5 quartz bottle which is quite economical as you can use it for your car and generator. 

The oil protects your engine by preventing premature wear as it does have any leading. It has being tested to prevent sludge formation in the engine and also prevents the accumulation of other harmful deposits. It has being tested for this by the Seq VH Sludge test. The Pennzoil is compatible with all conventional oils and engine seals so you do not have to worry about it damaging your engine. 

The 5 quartz container is designed to be ergonomical and easy to carry around. The oil has also being tested such that it meets the toughest industry standards like API SP and ILSAC. The Pennzoil oil is a synthetic blend oil and it known to offer protection against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and contains the harmful effects of stop and go driving. 

What we liked:

  • Ergonomical 5 quarts container
  • Undergone numerous quality tests
  • Protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI)
  • Superior engine protection against wear
  • Helps reduce friction losses

What we did not like:

Lacks container variety 

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Castrol 10w 30 

Castrol GTX 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil, 5 Quarts, 160 Fl Oz, Pack of 1
  • Superior protection against engine sludge, when tested in engines with a high level of sludge
  • Advanced protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Premium quality base oils and anti-wear additives to help extend the life of your engine
  • Helps minimize oil consumption

Castrol has being around for awhile and it’s motor oils are loved by motorists from across the world. When it comes to the 10w 30 you can either go with the Castrol EDGE which is a full synthetic oil that has being made from the highest of standards. If you want superior wear protection than you have the Castrol Magnatec which comes with special magnets that attach to the engine parts hence offering an extra layer of protection. You also have the Castrol GTX 10w 30 which is full of additives hence suitable for superior sludge removal.

The Castrol EDGE 10w 30 is equipped with fluid titanium so that it can meet the demands of modern engines. By reducing friction in the engines the oil is capable of boosting fuel economy and engine efficiency. The oil is rated as being up to 10 times stronger when exposed to high temperatures. It is also six times stronger against wear that the industry benchmark and meets most industry regulations. The Castrol Magnatec 10w 30 comes with special magnetic molecules that cling to the engine parts hence offering an additional layer of protection against friction. The GTX 10w 30 offers superior protection against sludge formation and protects thermal breakdown and viscosity.

What we liked:

  • Advanced technologies to protect against premature wear
  • Anti-wear additives 
  • Clears engine sludge and other impurities
  • Means highest industry standards

What we did not like:

Complicated finding the right oil

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Generac Motor oil full synthetic SAE 5w 30

Generac is one of biggest brands in portable generator oils. It is not a brand just for Generac generators but you can use the oils for your Honda eu2200i generator. The brand delivers full synthetic engine oil that has meet some of the stringent standards in the industry. 

The motor oil is capable of operating within the wide temperature ranges from sub-zero to extreme hot weather conditions. The generator oil is available in small bottles so you may need to stock up more of it for a larger generator. 

The Generac Motor is made from a high quality base then it is fortified with additives for superior engine protection. The engine oil offers protection against viscosity breakdown and protects your engine from varnish deposits and sludge formation. It meets all the requirements for the API SN classification. 

What we liked:

  • Popular among portable generator owners
  • Protection against sludge buildup
  • Protects engine from wear 
  • Fortified with additives

What we did not like:

Comes in a small bottle

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Honda 08207 10w 30 

  • Honda genuine oil is engineered for today's high revving 4-stroke engines
  • Protect your investment with this unique blend of costly sheer-stable polymer additives, top quality base...
  • Honda genuine oil exceeds all requirements for API service classifications SM, all new Honda power equipment
  • Designed to meet the needs of your power equipment

Honda has manufactured its own brand of motor oil to accompany its engines. Since most of their engines are known to last for decades it is obvious that you need a superior engine oil to complement this. Their motor oil can be used with a variety of engines but you need to check with your manual to confirm this. In this case it can be used for your Honda eu2200i generator. 

The motor oil comes with a viscosity number of 10w 30 which makes it a bit thicker than the Generac motor oil we had described above. The high viscosity numbers enable the engine oil to be used in both extreme cold and hot weather conditions. The motor oil has also met all the requirements of API service classifications. 

What is unique about this engine oil is that it is blended with stable polymer additives and this ensures superior engine cleaning. The engine oil comes in a small bottle so you may want to purchase more for a bigger generator. 

What we liked:

  • Very suitable for Honda generators
  • Comes with stable polymer additives 
  • Has met all the regulatory standards
  • Superior engine cleaning

What we did not like:

Small container

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Briggs and Stratton 30W Engine oil

Briggs & Stratton SAE 30 30W Engine Oil - 48 Oz. 100028
  • Tested and approved by Briggs & Stratton engineers
  • Warranty certified and recommended in all Briggs & Stratton manuals
  • A high quality detergent oil classified SJ/CD by the API
  • Conveniently sized for today's engines
  • 48 Fl. oz. (1.418 L)

This is another brand that has established itself in the small engine segment making it an ideal motor oil for your Honda eu2200i generator. You can also use it for your lawn movers and other small motorized equipment. The oil is designed to protect your engine from premature wear and tear. 

The model we are reviewing has a viscosity rating of 30w which makes it ideal for a variety of weather conditions. This makes it ideal for use in your generator during winter when blackouts are more pronounced. The company takes all their products through vigorous tests to ensure they exceed all the qualifications. You are assured of the products quality. The oil also acts as a detergent oil that ensures your engine is super clean. The oil comes in a large 48 fluid ounce container that should last you a while.

What we liked: 

  • Company has a reputation of producing motor oil for generators
  • Acts as a motor oil detergent 
  • Met all industry regulations 
  • Large container 

What we did not like:

The brand is not well known

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Cummins 3265336 SAE 15w 40

CUMMINS NW Cummins 3265336 Onan SAE 15W-40 Oil - 1 Quart
  • 32 oz. factory tested oil
  • Reduces consumption and engine wear
  • Provides maximum protection for engines
  • Fit type: Universal

This is a brand that is known for producing engine oil for most trucks. You will find it in most Dodge pickup trucks and this is a testament to its quality. The engine oil is developed to reduce engine wear and tear while removing sludge. The brand we have described is the thickest in their line of motorized engine oil and it will work just fine in with your generator. 

The thick engine oil is designed to offer superior engine protection for RV generators as you are exposed to some extreme temperatures. It is however, best suited for higher watt generators that require thicker oil. The reason for thicker oil is to reduce the loss of oil via the process of oxidation. Oxidation is not good as when it happens it makes oil thinner and this causes it to lose its lubrication abilities. Without this extra layer of protection your engine will suffer from premature wear and tear. 

What we liked:

  • High viscosity making it suitable for higher watt generators
  • Reduces engine wear and fuel consumption 
  • Provides maximum protection against tear
  • Comes in an ergonomical container

What we did not like:

Lack of information on oil certifications

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Buying Guide for Best oil for Honda eu2200i generator 

The Honda eu2200i is a powerful generator suitable for those camping or for use in your home when their blackouts. Like most equipment your generator needs an oil change occasionally to keep things well lubricated. Oil is the lifeblood of any motorized engine and getting the right motor oil is vital if your machine is going to be operating efficiently. Here are some key factors you should consider when purchasing the right motor oil for your generator. 


One of the things you will note whenever you go searching for motor oil are these numbers on the surface of the container. The numbers indicate the viscosity of the oil. What this means is how well the oil pours under certain temperatures. The first number to your left indicates its viscosity during cold weather and the one to your right is for hot temperatures. Motor oil with high viscosity will pour out slower in cold weather. If motor oil loses its viscosity then it is not act out its properties as a lubricate well. It is important that you check your generator manual for the right viscosity number in this case it is SAE 10w 30. 


There are so many engine motor oil brands in the market and this makes shopping for the right one a bit tricky. One way to select oil is to go for the well known brands. These brands have had a longer period of time to establish themselves. Their oils are made under the stringent regulatory standards and this makes them to be of the best quality. You will find top brands like Castro, Shell, Pennzoil among others. If you can find a brand that matches your engine oil the better as it means the engine oil has being manufactured for that specific oil. In our case for the Honda eu2200i generator you do have a Honda motor oil which you can try out.


Motor oil is regulated and rated by various international bodies. This ensures it meets the highest level of standards and it is safe for the consumer. You should carefully examine the oil containers to ascertain which regulatory bodies have certified the oil.  You can also check out online reviews to see what other consumers are saying in regards to the oil.

Synthetic or conventional 

When it comes to the type of motor oil to use you will be confronted with two options – conventional or synthetic. The conventional oil tends to be the standard oil and is often cheaper than the synthetic one. It is tempting to use due to its cost but it may not provide you with the kind of protection you get with the synthetic ones. Synthetic oils are made from the highest form of standards and come with additives for engine protection and cleaning. As thus they are pricier than the conventional oils. You get more mileage on them and it is what we recommend for your generator. 


The Honda eu2200i generator is a portable generator that comes in handy to power your applications during camping or when experiencing blackouts. The best oil for this generator will have to be the Pennzoil 10w 30. We liked the motor oil due to its high viscosity which allows it to handle extreme weather conditions.


Can I mix different oil brands with my generator?

You should check your generator manual first to know what is permissible. If you do not have any specifications it is okay to use motor oil with the same viscosity.

Is the Honda eu2200i generator noisy?

The generator is not noisy hence making it an excellent companion for camping