Best spark plug for predator 3500

The predator 3,500 is a 212cc air-cooled generator that is capable of 11 hours of run-time at 25% capacity. It is an ideal companion for your camping gear and can be used for powering your RVs or supply power to your house during power outages. The generator is quiet with a noise output of 57 db. This makes it ideal for camping. Included during purchase is a RV adapter that you can use to easily hook up the generator to your RV. When it comes to maintenance you need to get the right spark plugs for your generator and this review checks out the best in the market.

Best spark plugs for predator 3,500 – Comparison table

Nickel tipped electrode and solid copper core
Solid copper core
99% aluminum silicate

Reviews of Best spark plugs for predator 3,500

NGK-BPR6ES – Best Overall spark plugs

BPR6ES NGK Spark Plug for Honda Engines & Other Small Engines
  • Often specified as original equipment, NGK spark plugs are the best combination of performance and longevity.
  • Offering the Quality, Reliability and Durability You'd Expect from an OEM Manufacturer
  • NGK is the world's largest supplier of OEM spark plugs
  • Research Applications Prior to Purchase To Make Sure This OEM Part Fits Your Vehicle, Including Engine,...
  • This Listing is for 1 Spark Plug

The NGK-BPR6ES is built from high alumina ceramics that ensure it is better to offer electrical insulation and heat transfer to your engine. The design of the plugs is quite sturdy and this helps it operate at a wider heat range that other plugs. To extend the lifespan of the plugs they are equipped with a nickel tipped electrode and solid copper core.

The NGK-BPR6ES comes with a patented triple gasket sealing process that according to experts results in reduction of combustion gas leakage. To ensure you get a better spark for your generator the spark plugs come with a solid copper core and the longer insulator nose is there to reduce cases of fouling.

You will also notice that the plugs are armed with corrugated ribs on the insulator and this are there to prevent flashover while the zinc dipped shells reduces chances for corrosion. To eliminate gas leakage you have triple gasket seal.

What we liked:

  • Solid copper core for longer shelf-life
  • Plugs capable of resisting pre-ignition and carbon buildup
  • Plugs have capacity for a wider heat range than other plugs
  • To prevent flashover plugs have corrugated ribs

What we did not like:

May not be available in some stores

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NGK-4055 BPR7EIX Iridium IX

NGK 4055 BPR7EIX Spark Plug (Iridium IX)
  • OEM/OES Manufacturer
  • High Quality
  • World Wide Leader

The plugs feature corrugated ribs that are there to reduce flashover. To provide the necessary anti-seizing properties and anti-corrosion properties the plugs are equipped with a trivalent metal plating. With the NGK-4055 BPR7EIX Iridium IX  plugs you are assured of better heat transfer mechanisms due to the pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator.

The plugs come with a copper core that is there to aid in heat removal and with triple seals you are assured of reduced leakages. The plugs come with a warranty of 60 days and can be used for over 50k miles.

What we liked:

  • Corrugated ribs to reduce flashover
  • Supports higher heat transfer
  • Long lasting
  • Conducts heat better than other plugs

What we did not like

A bit expensive

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NGK 3785

NGK 3785 Spark Plug - BP7ES, 4 Pack
  • Designed to operate over a much wider heat range than ordinary plugs
  • Resists carbon buildup and pre-ignition
  • High alumina ceramics for better heat transfer and electrical insulation
  • Solid copper core and nickel tipped electrode provide a longer plus life
  • Patented triple gasket sealing process eliminates the possibility of combustion gas leakage

These plugs are designed to operate at a higher heat range than other plugs due to the elimination of pre-ignition and resistance of carbon build-up. The plugs are made from a nickel tipped electrode and solid copper core and this makes them last longer than other plugs.

To help in electrical insulation and better heat transfers, the plugs come with high alumina ceramics. You will also find a patented triple gasket sealing process that is there to remove the possibility of gas leakage. The plugs are made from 99% pure alumina silicate and this ensures that there are reduced cases for fouling. The spark resistor is made from a carbon and glass mixture that ensures superior durability and performance.

The corrugated ribs on the plugs help prevent flashover and the treads are cold rolled to prevent any damages from being caused to the cylinder head.

What we liked:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Better at heat transfer
  • Made from copper core for better conductivity
  • Corrugated ribs to prevent flash over

What we did not like:


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Buying Guide Best spark plug for Predator 3,500

Before you can start purchasing the right spark plugs for your predator 3,500 you need to carefully read the manual for specifications. If you do not have this you can always find it in the manufacturers website or stores selling the product.

Spark plug maintenance is essential for many engine items. When done well it boosts the performance of the engine and this thereby has a positive effect on fuel consumption. You can also assess the status of your spark plugs to know whether they are in need of replacement.

Assessing the status for spark plugs

After removing the spark plugs from the engine you may need to assess them for replacement. If you notice that they have some brown to grayish deposits this is not a cause for alarm but a signal that your plugs are functioning well. However, if the plugs have some dry and black soot on the electrodes and insulator tip it is a signal that they are carbon fouled. For cars this is a signal of a dirty air filter or the fact you leave the engine on idle for long.

Should you notice some oil deposits on your plugs this is a sign that there is some form of oil leak that if getting into the engine. You will need to take your generator for further inspection by a qualified mechanic. Wet plugs are as a result of the engine flooding. This often happens when you try to start your engine but it constantly misfires.


The Best spark plug for your predator 3,500 is the NGK-BPR6ES. The plugs are suitable for many small engines including generators like the Predator 3,500. They are constructed with a longer shelf life than other plugs. They come with trivalent metal plating that ensures you enjoy certain anti-corrosive properties. You will also find a copper core on them that works well for heat removal.


How do I know my spark plugs are failing?

One of the first symptoms is when the engine starts misfiring. You will also find a certain sudden surge in fuel consumption

How often do I replace my generator spark plugs?

It should be roughly 100 hours but you should check them regularly to see if they are worn out