Best time to buy a Honda generator


Generally, purchasing generators is usually a good idea as they are a great back up power source whenever there is a power outage. However, it is also key to buy one at the right time in order to be able to use it when you need it the most.

Honda is a very popular company and they are well known for producing high quality products which includes motor vehicles, motorbikes, lawn mowers and generators. Without doubt, Honda generators are one of the best generators in the market today because they are fuel- efficient and low on emissions. In addition to this, they all come with powerful engines that allow them to run efficiently every time you use them to power the electrical appliances in your house. Another common feature with Honda generators is that they also equipped with large gas tanks which enables them to run for long periods of time.

The best time to buy Honda generator is in early spring as you will have enough time to prepare for the Hurricane season. You’ll agree with me that the hurricane season is one of the most difficult seasons to get through as it usually rains quite a lot. Once it starts raining continuously, most areas tend to experience power outages frequently and this is when a generator really comes in handy.

It is really difficult to predict when electricity will come back especially if a tree falls on a power line. That’s why it’s advisable to buy a Honda generator as most of them come with a large gas tank that enables them to run for up to 20 hours without needing to be re- fuelled. However, not all Honda generators come with the same gas tank capacity and features and that’s why there are a number of factors that you need to consider when buying a Honda generator.

Factors to consider when buying a Honda generator

Power output

For sure, this is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a Honda generator. This is because different Honda generators come with different power output. Therefore, you are required to calculate the amount of watts that all your electric appliances need in order to know the exact generator to choose. However, I do admit that calculating the exact total watts required can be a bit difficult. You can simply call an electrician to help you do this in case you find it challenging to know the exact watts required by all your appliances.

You are required to know the total watts required by all your appliances so that you are able to buy a generator that will support all your appliances efficiently. A small generator tends to get overloaded when you plug in too many electrical appliances at once which eventually leads to it getting damaged. Small generators such as the Honda 1000 Watt generator is good for camping and to support electrical appliances in small homes as it doesn’t have a high power output. You should consider the much bigger Honda 6500 generator if you need a generator that will efficiently support all the electrical appliances in a large sized home.


To be honest, most generators in the market today are quite costly, especially if you are looking for a high quality product. The good news is that Honda generators are well- known to be very durable as they are made with high quality materials. In addition to this, most Honda generators come with a full frame protection which protects all the internal parts from being damaged.

Honda generators are also equipped with reinforced stands that don’t wear out quickly regardless of the surface that you usually place it on. Therefore, buying a Honda generator is definitely good value for money as it will guarantee you long service life.

Noise level

Well, people usually get generators to serve various purposes however, one thing that remains constant is that they are all great back up power sources. The reason I am saying that we all get generators for different purposes is because you can buy one for commercial purposes, home use, camping and even for outdoor activities. Therefore, you should always consider how noisy a particular Honda generator is before you purchase it.

For instance, I’m pretty sure that you would prefer a quiet generator for camping as the woods gets really quiet especially at night. Noise levels are measured in decibels which makes it easier for you to judge the generators that are loud and the ones that are quieter. The Honda EU series generators are normally the quiet models in the Honda line, therefore you should have a closer look at them if you prefer quiet generators. The Honda 4- stroke engine generators are also known to be very quiet even when they run for a long period of time.

Here are some of the best- selling generators in the market today:

Power output
Noise level ratings
Honda EB5000
41.9 x 27.2 x 29.2 inches
4500 Watts
389cc Honda iGX
72 decibels
Honda EU2200i
20.0 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
2200 Watts
121cc Honda GXR120
57 decibels
Honda EU7000Is
33.4 x 27.6 x 28.4 inches
7000 Watts
389cc Honda GX390
55 decibels
Honda EB2800 I
16.9 x 17.6 x 18.8 inches
2800 Watts
186cc Honda GC190LA
65 decibels


For sure, the best time to buy a Honda generator is before the Hurricane season as that is the period that you are likely to experience power outage. Honda generators also guarantee you high quality performance throughout which makes them good value for your buck.


Do Honda generators come with user manuals?

Yes, these generators normally come with a user manual that have all the instructions that you need on how to properly operate them.

What fuel should I use when I buy a Honda generator?

You should check the User manual and see the recommended fuel that is supposed to be used in the specific generator that you have bought.