Can Honda EU2200i run on propane?

Generally, your generator cannot run without fuel. For this reason alone, it is important to pick the right fuel for your Honda EU2200i. 

When purchasing a new Honda EU2200i, you will realize that you have multiple options for fuel sources. Among the most common fuel choices are gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. Diesel is the most common fuel source for high-output generators because it has the highest energy density, whereas Natural gas burns cleaner that diesel and doesn’t require regular refueling. While these two are fully welcomed by most outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners and business owners, quite a number of people choose to use propane, a type of liquefied petroleum gas, to power some generators. Most people who own the Honda EU2200i tend to use gasoline and diesel as their main fuel source. But, can the Honda EU2200i run on propane?

Yes, it can. Originally, the Honda EU2200i is designed to run on gasoline. However, you can always convert your generator to run on propane. 

What are the advantages of using propane on the Honda EU2200i?

There are several reasons why you may want to convert your Honda EU2200i generator to run off on propane. Let’s look at some of the reasons;

  1. Propane costs less than all the other fuel sources

You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you have spent so much on your generator, and then you have to spend a lot more on fuel, especially if you live in an area with prolonged and frequent power outages or if you are heavily invested in outdoor activities. That said, a propane generator has a lower operating cost that diesel and gas generators. Additionally, it is less expensive because you don’t have to spend much on maintenance.

    2. Propane has a prolonged shelf life 

Unlike gasoline which tends to break down over time and eventually damages your generator, propane has an unlimited shelf life. Because propane can sit in the tank for months without breaking down or gunking up, you are assured that the generator will maintain peak performance even after sitting in your store for too long.

  1. Propane is readily available

Because it is the least expensive source of fuel, propane is readily available in nearly all stations around you, which means that it can come in handy in any emergency situation. For example, if there is a storm or any natural disaster that causes sudden power outages, you are likely to find propane faster than gasoline. So, if you live in an area that has a repeated history of natural disaster, you should consider converting your Honda EU2200i to propane.

  1. Propane is easy to store

Unfortunately, gasoline tends to produce choking fumes if stored in an area with limited space or one that isn’t well ventilated. Propane, on the other hand, does not produce any pungent smell even when stored in a poorly ventilated are. This, however, does not mean that you should run your Honda EU2200i when indoors. To add to that, you do not need to add a stabilizer to propane in order to store your generator for a prolonged time period, which is an absolute plus!

Are there any important factors to consider before converting your generator to run on propane?

Before we get into the step by step process of converting the Honda EU2200i to propane, it is important to go over a few warning signs. First of all, the process can be very dangerous if the motor dies and you are nowhere close because the propane continues to run as it builds up, and may eventually cause an explosion. To counter this, you can purchase a conversion kit that features an on demand regulator or a safety shut off feature that shuts the gas off when the engine dies or isn’t running.

Aside from that, another general rule of thumb is that you should never run your generator indoors with propane or any fuel type. This is mostly because most portable inverter generators, including the Honda EU2200i, tend to produce carbon monoxide, which can suffocate you when the levels produced are dangerously high.

So, how do you convert your Honda EU2200i generator to propane?

Converting your Honda EU2200i generator from gasoline or any other fuel source to propane is a relatively easy process. There are several DIY conversion kits in the market that you can use to get it over and done with. If you are lucky enough, you may land one that only requires a few adjustments. Other times, you may find a conversion kit that requires quite a bit of work to make the conversion process a success. Whatever the case, the following easy to follow guide should make the process as seamless as possible.

Step One: Confirm that you have all the recommended tools for the process

The table below gives you a fully detailed list of the tools required for the conversion process and outlines why they are important.

Tools Needed
Power Drill/ Pilot Bit/ Step Drill Bit
Used for driving screws and drilling any holes that you may need during the process
A Screwdriver of any brand
For turning screws with any slotted heads
A 16mm Wrench/ Socket Wrench with 8mm bit/ Two Crescent  Wrenches
Ideal for providing the grip and mechanical advantage needed to apply torque to turn any nuts and bolts
Roll of Tape
Ideal for marking

Step Two: Prepare the Generator for conversion

To begin, remove the front engine cover on your Honda EU2200i then use the roll of tape to mark a line from the plastic generator case to the edge of the air filter. Doing this allows you to seamlessly mark a hole to drill for the propane line.

Step Three: Install the Propane Line

Now that you have already marked the position of the hole, start drilling using the pilot bit before using the step drill bit to increase the hole to 9/16 inches. When done, take out the air filter cover then dismantle the air filter assembly. At this juncture, it is time to install the propane line as per the instructions on the conversion kit. To do this, route up through the drilled hole, install the elbow and any other connect fittings. Once done, connect the other end of the propane line using the gaskets in the kit to the carburetor.

Step Four: Reconnect the Air Filter Assembly

Now that your propane line is active, replace the air filter assembly with an included spacer; replace the generator engine cover and the air filter. Also, you should replace the factory operating sticker with the one provided in your kit to avoid any confusion. Lastly, put in propane and let your generator run for about 15-20 minutes as you monitor how the engine behaves.

Final Thoughts

Running your Honda EU2200i on propane has multiple advantages. However, you ought to be as careful as possible during the conversion process to avoid any explosions or permanent generator damage.


  1. How long will my Honda EU2200i run on propane?

If lightly loaded, a 20lb propane tank will run for a whole day.

  1. Can I find a generator that readily runs on propane?

Yes, you can.