Does Honda EU2200i have a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is one of the most extensively used parts of your generator as it is designed to send a steady flow of fuel to the engine. Let’s find out whether the Honda EU2200i has a fuel pump and its functions.

You may find yourself asking whether the Honda EU2200i generator comes with a fuel pump. Well, it does. Every part of your generator has a distinct function and all of them work together to ensure top-notch performance, reliability, and efficiency. Among these parts, is the fuel pump which is a very important part of your generator. It is designed to pump fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Without it, your generator’s function is entirely compromised. Given its crucial role in your Honda EU2200i, it is only useful that we understand how it works and the effects of a faulty fuel pump on your generator. We will also discuss a few warning signs of a faulty fuel pump.

What is the role of the fuel pump in your Honda EU2200i?

Nearly every machine that features an internal combustion engine is equipped with a fuel pump. Portable inverter generators, like the Honda EU2200i, have electric pumps mounted within fuel tanks or inline pumps that work more closely towards their powerful engines. It is important to understand how the fuel pump works and why it is important for your generator.

Generally, fuel in your generator tank is slowly drawn up through a line that heads towards the 212cc commercial series engine using suction. Fuel then travels through the fuel line and moves towards the carburetor. Because the Honda EU2200i features a fuel-injected engine, air and fuel don’t mix until they reach the cylinder. Once the mixture is in the cylinder, your generator begins to engage all the other parts that make your generator engine run. While in the cylinder, a spark is added to the fuel as the mixture is compressed by the piston. As the piston moves, the fuel mixture becomes even more flammable, and the piston fires. The newly released energy powers the crankshaft, and your home appliances and tools are powered. Now that we know how the fuel pump works and have been able to fully understand its main role in your generator, it is safe to conclude that without the fuel pump then your generator may never run.

What happens when the fuel pump in your generator goes out?

Considering the fact that the fuel pump is a vital component in your generator, its stability determines the overall performance and efficiency of your generator. This means that a faulty one is likely to damage the normal functioning of your generator. Let’s expound on this further.

Generally, fuel pumps have been designed to be tough enough to withstand the entire lifetime of your Honda EU2200i generator. This means that it would remain functional for approximately 30-40 years. However, it is bound to experience some kind of failure after about 20 years, especially when trying to replace a vital part of the generator. Additionally, it could be because of fuel contamination that tends to block the filters and eventually shut down the engine. But it can only maintain its peak performance if you follow a regular maintenance procedure.

If your fuel-air ration is off and the cylinders aren’t getting fuel, then the pistons will not fire. When this happens, your engine will not run and the generator remains dysfunctional. To increase the longevity of the fuel pump in your Honda EU2200i, you should do the following;

  • Ensure that your gas tank is a quarter full at all times. If you are constantly running the generator when the tank is close to empty, the gas tank is bound to overheat and eventually damaging the fuel pump.
  • Make sure to inspect the fuel system and filters regularly. Also, you should replace them when necessary to avoid potential issues.

How can you know when the fuel pump in your Honda EU2200i is faulty?

The table below summarizes the warning signs of a faulty fuel pump. The majority of these signs show that you need to replace the fuel pump.

Questions to ask yourself
What to look out for// Meaning 
How does your generator start?
If it’s struggling to start or not starting at all, then the fuel pump is faulty
How’s the muscle power of your generator?
If you notice low pressure, a decrease in starting power, or unusual fuel consumption, you may need to replace the fuel pump
Are there any sounds coming from the generator?
If the fuel pump is damaged, there is some humming noise or whirring sound that is often irritating
What’s happening with the engine?
More often than not, a sputtering engine is associated with a faulty fuel pump. If the pump is unable to produce a constant steam of gas at a high speed, then the engine begins to sputter and eventually stalls.

Final Thoughts

The fuel pump on your Honda EU2200i is responsible for providing the recommended amount of fuel to the engine cylinders to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of your generator. Because it is a vital part of your generator and is always running, it is susceptible to wear and tear, which may result in significant issues with the generator. In that regard, it is important to follow through with a regular maintenance schedule to keep it functional for a longer period of time.


  1. How can you check whether your fuel is working?

To check whether there are any issues with your fuel pump, you need to do an electrical test on the pump voltage and the fuel pump hose as well. If the electric test doesn’t help you figure out where exactly the problem is, you would need to perform a fuel pressure test using a pressure gauge.

  1. Can the fuel pump in your generator fail suddenly?

The older your generator, the higher the risk of sudden fuel pumps failures. However, you can always keep it functional through a little maintenance.