Generac IX2000 overload light stays on- How to fix


Portable inverter generators are now the norm as they have proven to operate efficiently throughout. The Generac IX2000 generator is among the best inverter generators in the market today however, its overload light tends to stay on even when it is not overloaded.

There are different types of generators in the market today which include the old school conventional generators and the new inverter generators. The Generac IX2000 is one of the new- school portable inverter generators and is quite popular especially because of its quiet operation even when it is running for a long time. In addition to this, it is equipped with an inverter that electronically controls the power output of the generator. Well, this depends on the amount of electricity required by the appliances plugged into the generator which enables the generator to save on fuel. For sure, inverter generators such as this one maximise on efficiency which makes them ideal for use for activities such as camping.

If you have noticed that the overload light of your Generac IX2000 stays on even when it is not overloaded, then it means your inverter is faulty. Well, there has been a number of complaints from users that the overload light of this generator tends to stay on so it is actually a common problem. If you experience this, you are required to call a professional who can check your generator and diagnose the condition of the inverter. If they confirm that it is faulty, you will be required to buy a new inverter and replace the faulty one.

Causes of inverter failure on a Generac IX2000 generator

Capacitor wear

The capacitor in an inverter generator usually go through electro- mechanical wear especially when they start to age. Unfortunately, these capacitors don’t have a very long life span and they are prone to failing eventually. A capacitor is a really important component in an inverter generator as the inverter cannot operate efficiently without a capacitor that is 100% functional. Therefore, when the capacitor wears out it leads to inverter failure. This automatically triggers the overload light to stay on even when appliances aren’t plugged into the generator.

Once the inverter fails, it will no longer be able to control the throttle of the generator to meet the demand of electric load required to run the appliances that are plugged in. Capacitors are really sensitive to temperature and that’s why you should be very keen on the engine temperature of your Generac IX2000 generator every time it runs. This is because the life span of capacitors reduce when they are constantly exposed to high temperatures caused by high currents.

Therefore, you should always ensure that your generator is running at its recommended engine temperature every time you use it. This will enable the capacitor to have a prolonged service life and so will the inverter of your Generac IX2000 generator.

Overusing the generator

For sure, the Generac IX2000 generator is made of high quality material and guarantees you long service life. However, its inverter is a very delicate component that should be well taken care of otherwise it may fail earlier than it should. When you constantly run your generator beyond its operating limit, you increase the chances of the inverter experiencing a bridge failure. This includes plugging in electrical appliances that demand more electrical load than what your Generac generator can deliver efficiently.

Overloading the generator

The Generac IX2000 generator is equipped with a 126cc engine that produces a maximum power output of 2200 Watts which is impressive. This is because it is such a small generator but very powerful and this is among the main reasons it’s a step ahead of most of its competitors. Therefore, you should always ensure that you calculate the total number of watts that are required to power up all the appliances in your home before you plug them into this generator.

Normally, a lot of people ignore the power limit of their generators and plug in a lot of appliances to the generator at the same time which leads to an overload. This will also trigger the overload light of your Generac generator therefore you should always watch out for this. Overloading your generator will also force the inverter of your generator to work harder than it should which will eventually lead to an inverter bridge failure. This happens because of the spike in voltage which leads to a lot of heat production from the engine that eventually damages the components of the inverter.

Therefore, you should always ensure that you don’t plug in too many appliances to your generator at the same time. This will allow the engine of your generator to operate efficiently throughout and will also reduce the chance of it overloading and damaging the inverter.

Capacitor wear
You should always ensure that your generator is running within its recommended engine temperatures throughout.
Overusing the generator
You should avoid plugging in appliances that demand more electrical load than what the generator can efficiently deliver. You should also avoid running the generator beyond its operating limit.
Overloading the generator
You should ensure that you don’t plug in too many appliances to your generator at the same time.


As you have seen, the overload light staying on even when you haven’t plugged in any appliances is a common problem with the Generac IX2000. Therefore, you should immediately call a professional to have a look at the condition of your inverter once you notice this. If it is faulty or has failed, you should replace it as soon as possible.


How long can the inverter of the Generac IX2000 efficiently operate for?

Generac are well known for producing high quality generators and it is no different with the IX2000 generator. They are equipped with an inverter than can last you up to 15 years so long as you take good care of the generator.

Can I be able to fix a failed inverter?

No, you cannot fix a failed inverter. You are required to replace it with a new one.