How much does it cost to service a Generac generator?


A generator is a really good back up power source and a must have equipment if you live in an area with frequent power outages. The Generac generator is one of the most preferred generators for business premises as it only needs to be serviced twice a year.

A lot of business owners and large companies usually purchase Generac generators because they automatically go on when there is a power outage. For sure, this feature enables the generator to immediately provide power to all the electric appliances in a business premises and keep things moving. In addition to this, the Generac generator also comes with a transfer switch that operates efficiently throughout when it comes to power delivery. This generator is also suitable for use in your home as it is not as noisy as some of its competitors.

You can sign Generac’s annual service contract of only $200 which will cover all the service costs for your Generac generator throughout the year. However, there is a cheaper option if you don’t want to spend that much money to service your generator. Some professionals will charge you $90 to $130 for every time you service your Generac generator.

Well, if you come to think servicing your Generac generator through professionals is a cheaper option however it still comes at a cost. This is because the warranty of your Generac generator will be void once you start servicing it with externals professionals. Therefore, it is advisable that you just sign Generac’s annual contract and service the generator through the company’s engineers in order to have a valid warranty throughout. Another option would be to service your Generac generator by yourself in order to save on labour costs however, this is not advisable unless you are also a professional.

Costs that you may incur when fixing or replacing parts of your Generac generator

Rewinding the motor of the Generac generator

This is actually one of the most important things to do when it comes to generator maintenance. The manufacturer usually recommends that you rewind the motor of the generator when servicing it so that it can maintain its efficiency throughout. It is also important to note that this should only be done by a professional because if this is done wrongly it may lead to generator damage that will be costly to repair. The rewinding process involves removing the coil that has been in the motor and putting a new coil into the motor and winding it. The new coil is then varnished in order to make it permanent.

Rewinding the motor of your Generac generator will cost between $300 and $750 depending on the contractor that you contact. To be honest, rewinding is quite costly and it’s because this can only be done by experienced professionals.

Stator and Rotor

The Generac generator can only run efficiently if all the parts are working together seamlessly. For sure, the stator and rotor of this generator play a huge role when it comes to its operation. The rotor rotates inside the magnetic field that has been produced by the winding stator which enables the Generac generator to produce electricity. Once the Stator or rotor stop functioning efficiently, the Generac generator won’t be able to produce enough electricity to support appliances in your home or work place.

Therefore, it is very key to always check the condition of the stator and rotor every single time the Generac generator is being serviced. In the event that the stator and rotor of your generator stop working efficiently, you will be required to pay between $240 and $1500 for a new stator and rotor.


You’ll agree with me that we all expect our Generac Generators to operate efficiently throughout. Well, I have to admit that Generac do a good job when it comes to assembly of the engine of their generators. Their engines are equipped with a carburetor that consistently mixes the air and fuel in order for the engine to have a perfect air to fuel ratio at all times. For sure, this is a very integral part of the engine and it needs to be working properly in order for the engine to run smoothly.

It is also very important to check the condition of the carburetor every time you service your Generac generator. You will be required to pay around $30 to $50 if there is a small issue with the carburetor such as a loose gasket. These gaskets are usually not a big deal and can be easily replaced once you buy new ones. A new carburetor on the other hand, costs between $200 and $300 depending on the store you buy it from.

Here is a summary of the replacement costs that you may incur with your Generac generator:

Stator and Rotor
$240- $1500
$200- $300
Transfer switch
$100- $150
Voltage regulator
$40- $60
Ignition coil


As you have seen, you are required to service your Generac generator at least twice every year. It is also advisable that you sign Generac’s annual service contract as you will only pay $200 for yearly maintenance. In addition to this, it will also enable the warranty of your Generac generator to still remain valid as compared to contracting external professionals to service your generator.


Can I be able to service my Generac generator by myself?

Well, Generac advises all their clients to contract professionals to service their generators. This is because the parts are really costly and delicate to handle therefore, it needs an experienced professional to service it.

How much does a new engine of a Generac generator cost?

A new engine costs about $2500. For sure, a new engine is quite costly to purchase but the good news is that Generac engines run efficiently for a very long time so long as you take good care of them.