How to change oil on Honda EU2200i

Regular oil change is a vital part of generator ownership for optimal engine operation and smooth running. While using the right type of engine oil matters, following the right procedure to change the oil is also very important.

Changing the oil on your generator is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to ensure peak performance and extend the lifespan of your generator. Additionally, fresh engine oil ensures peak horsepower performance, reliability and maximum efficiency of the generator. Also, a regular maintenance plan reduces friction in the engine and significantly prevents overheating while removing any impurities that build up around the essential parts of the engine. So, how do you change the oil in the Honda EU2200i?

To change the oil in the Honda EU2200i generator, you need to drain old oil from the generator tank, replace the oil and filter simultaneously, and pour in fresh engine oil into the generator. To help you get this right, we have provided an easy-to-follow guide that you can use to change the oil on the Honda EU2200i.

Before all else, which oil does the Honda EU2200i generator use?

Specially formulated and blended for Honda engines, the SAE 10W-30 is the best engine oil type for the Honda EU2200i portable generator. Also, you can consider using the synthetic high mileage 0W40 for all year round use.

While these two are the most recommended engine oil types for the Honda EU2200i generator, the type of oil that your generator uses tends to change depending on the weather. When the temperatures seem too cold, you would need to use oil with a lower viscosity to maintain the peak performance and efficiency of your inverter generator. When the temperatures are slightly hot, then you should get engine oil with a higher viscosity.

When should you change the oil in your Honda EU2200i generator?

To understand when the right time to change the oil in your Honda EU2200i is, you should consult the owner’s manual. The manufacturer guide demands that you constantly check whether the oil is running out or constantly monitor the LED indicators before adding any amount of oil to the generator.

Generally, most generator experts recommend that you do a full oil change on the Honda EU2200i generator after every 100 hours of use, especially if you run your generator daily or tend to use it often for heavy-duty and overnight applications. When your generator is new, however, you ought to change the oil after the first 25 hours of operation. Also, you should at least try and change the oil in your generator at least once every spring or summer (when the temperatures seem too hot) to prevent overheating or any other oil-related issues. If any old oil is left in the tank, you should get rid of the remains after every 50 to 60 hours of operation.

Once you have changed the oil, ensure to maintain the routine if you want to keep your engine healthy.

So, how do you change the oil in your Honda EU2200i generator?

When changing oil in your generator, ensure to wear protective gear for safety purposes. Also, make sure that the engine of your generator is cool enough before doing an oil change. That said, here are the main steps you should follow for a successful oil change process;

Step One: Heat up the old oil in the generator

Heating up the old oil in the generator makes it easier and faster to drain. Hot oil is often lighter and has a more viscous consistency which flows out easily. Generally, the oil should be hot enough to shut off the generator engine. So, to heat up the oil, start up the generator and allow it to run for about 20-25 minutes.

Step Two: Unplug the spark wire from your generator

Before unplugging the spark wire, place the generator on a balanced surface. You can use a few blocks on a sturdy table to ensure stability and create some space below the plug draining oil. Stability is essential during this process as it prevents any unexpected generator starts, just in case the low oil sensor is triggered. When unplugging the wire, do not pull out a portion of the wire. Also, try to prevent direct contact between the spark plugs and the wire during the oil change process to avoid any damages. If you find any trouble locating the wire, consult with the owner’s manual.

Step Three: Drain the old oil from the tank

The Honda EU2200i features a plug that allows you to drain oil. Before draining out the oil, clean out any residue over the plug that would tamper with the process. Also, remember to place an oil pan under the drain plug and take out the oil filter for faster drainage of the oil. Once all the oil has collected into the oil pan, remember to dispose it off correctly.

Step Four: Get a newer oil filter

Over time, the oil filter tends to accumulate dirt and debris that can easily contaminate fresh engine oil. Because of this, you should change the oil filter and the engine oil simultaneously. Replacing the oil filter also prolongs the lifespan of the 212cc engine on your generator. At this juncture, you should use the pliers to tighten the screws so as to prevent the oil filter from falling off when changing the oil.

Step Five: Pour fresh engine oil into your Honda EU2200i

Remove the oil fill cup then insert the funnel that you will use to pour oil into the generator. Remember, we will be using the SAE 10W-30 engine oil type. Remember to check the recommended quantity from the owner’s manual.

Step Six: Start up your generator

Now that you have poured fresh engine oil into your generator, reconnect the spark plug and reattach all covers that you had removed from your generator earlier. Once you are done, start the engine and let it run for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Final Thoughts

The table below gives a brief summary of the article.

Engine Oil Type
Specific Amount Needed
When to Change
How to Change
How to change the oil on the Honda EU2200i generator
SAE 10-W30
12 Quarts
–          After the first 25 hours of operation (for a new generator),

–          After every 50 to 60 hours

–          After every 100 hours of use

Replace the oil and oil filter, drain the old oil and pour in fresh engine oil into your generator


  1. Should I use the SAE 30 instead of 10W30 in my Honda EU2200i?

Yes, as long as the oil doesn’t get below 50 degrees Celsius.

  1. Does the Honda EU2200i generator come with oil?

Yes, it does. The package includes 1 Quart 10-W30 engine oil.