How to parallel Honda EU2200i

One of the greatly valued features of the Honda EU2200i is their parallel capability. It increases the wattage amount that goes into your household appliances and tools, and even gives you more power to start the motor of heavy duty devices.

Do you need more power to start the motor of heavy duty appliances and tools, or extra power to run your RV? Have you considered paralleling your Honda EU2200i with a similar unit to meet this electrical need? Paralleling two generator units allows you to seamlessly power heavy-duty appliances such as chainsaws, air conditioners, and large refrigerators among others. Also, it allows you to save on costs that you would have otherwise spent on purchasing a larger generator and it provides a solid power backup system for your home. In this article, we will discuss what paralleling is and how to go about it. But first, how do you parallel the Honda EU2200i generator?

To parallel the Honda EU2200i, you need to use a special parallel cable kit to get as much as double the power output. Let’s expound this further.

But first, what is paralleling and how does it work?

Paralleling involves the synchronization or combination of multiple electrical units (in this case, two generator units) by matching the output voltage waveform of an electrical system with the voltage waveform of another electrical unit. To make it even easier to comprehend, paralleling requires you to connect two Honda EU2200i generator units to benefit from double the power output.

The double connection simply increases the overall starting and running wattage amount that goes into your household appliances and tools or the motor of any heavy-duty appliances that you seek to power. Also, it increases the overall power supply which allows for all the appliances in your home to run simultaneously during a power outage, without having to worry about sudden power drops or an insufficient supply of power.

Now that we have an idea of what paralleling is, how does it work? Well, you need to use a special parallel cable or kit designed for Honda generators, which allows the two Honda EU2200i generators to work together and produce as much power as you need. The Honda EU2200i companion features a built-in 30 amp receptacle that specifically accommodates parallel operation with a similar unit as well as select Honda generators.

So, in this case, when you parallel two Honda EU2200i generator units, you will get about 4400 starting watts and about 2200 running watts, which is enough to power any demanding appliances and keep any other devices and tools running for a prolonged period of time (about 8 hours max.)

Are there any important factors you should consider before paralleling two generator units?

Generally, there are four essential factors that you ought to consider before paralleling any two generator units. The table below gives a summary of these factors.

Essential factors
Practicality in this case
To prevent any system overloads, the two generator units should have identical kilowatt capacity
Two Honda EU2200i have the same kilowatt capacity, so there won’t be any system overloads
Load Sharing
Frequency and voltage should always be identical
Because the frequency and voltage of two Honda EU2200i units are balanced, there is even distribution of power so your sensitive electronics are safe
The alternator determines whether your generator runs smoothly as well as the overall flow of the electric current
Because the Honda EU2200i has relays in the alternator, you may not experience challenges associated with the electric circuit after paralleling two units
Generator Interface
The interface monitors the load on the unit. It also starts and stops the generator depending on demand
In this case, the Honda EU2200i features a modernized generator interface, so two units can seamlessly communicate with each other. This means that you wouldn’t experience any monitoring issues after connecting two identical units

So, can you connect two Honda EU2200i together?

Yes, you can connect two Honda EU2200i together via a parallel kit. Generally, most portable inverter generators require having the same wattage to be parallel compatible. Also, the parallel compatibility of a generator depends on how its engine and parallel kit is designed by the manufacturer. That said, paralleling the Honda EU2200i with a similar unit is seamless and very possible because the two generator units can effectively balance the load and deliver double the power output to meet your electrical needs.

Additionally, the connection points of the Honda EU2200i all have equal voltage and frequency, which makes it much easier to connect them together. All you need is a parallel kit to connect the two generator units. The parallel kit features 6 terminals, out of which 2 of them are for grounding, while the other 4 are for plugging into the generators.

How do you parallel two Honda EU2200i generator units?

To parallel two or more Honda EU2200i generator units, you should do the following;

Step One: The Connection Process

With both the engines of both generators switched off, connect the parallel cable labeled R to the right parallel outlets and the one labeled L to the left parallel outlets. Correcting them the right way makes the generators more reliable and efficient. Also, take note of the plus-minus signs on the parallel port of your generator. Afterward, attach the ground terminal from each parallel cable to the corresponding terminal on each Honda EU2200i unit then tighten the screws appropriately.

If it seems challenging to figure out the connection process, ensure to consult with the owner’s manual that comes with the parallel kit to figure out where each cable should be placed.

Step Two: Start the Generators

When starting both generator units, ensure to confirm that the green output indicators are illuminated in each generator. If you are using the eco throttle on the Honda EU2200i, ensure that the throttle is set to ON immediately the generators start.

Final Thoughts

Paralleling two Honda EU2200i generators can be dangerous if you aren’t too careful. Always refer to the owner’s manual regarding the safe and proper paralleling procedure of your generator.


  1. Can paralleling two inverter generators cause an explosion?

Yes, if you aren’t too careful or if you use the generator in wet conditions.

  1. Is there a specific parallel kit that I should use when connecting two Honda EU2200i?

Yes, there is. We recommend the 32360ZC3000L Parallel cable.