How to start Predator 3500 generator

To get the most out of your investment, you ought to follow the right procedure to turn it on. In this post, we provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to turn on the Predator 3500 generator.

Whether you are using the Predator 3500 for the first time, or are well experienced, there are several things you need to know to operate it safely. The first thing is the type of starting system that you find on the Predator 3500, which are the traditional pull-start mechanism and a user-friendly electric starter. That said, it is important to follow the right procedure to turn on your generator so that it can run efficiently. So how do you go about it?

To start the Predator 3500, you ought to engage the electric starter or use the traditional pull-start mechanism. Whichever you choose to use depends on your personal preference. All in all, the electric starter requires way less effort, while the traditional pull-start mechanism may require some energy and manual effort.

Before all else, are there any reasons why the Predator 3500 would not start?

Yes. The table below gives a summary of some of the reasons why your Predator 3500 generator would not start and a few possible solutions to the same.

Main Problem/Issue Common Causes Possible Solutions
Predator 3500 generator will not start Low oil levels in the crankcase Regularly check the oil level in the crankcase and add oil if the level is too low
Generator is out of gas Change the gas after every month to ensure smooth operation and a seamless start of your generator and add some more gas to the tank then start up your generator one more time
Choke lever isn’t well positioned Move the choke to the ON/OPEN position for operation and make sure it is closed when starting the generator.
Generator battery is dead Start the generator using the recoil pull-start feature to replenish the battery or use a third party battery charger
Carburetor is closed or the Fuel Valve is clogged/air locked Shut off the fuel valve then open the carburetor drain to clean out any stale fuel. Also, ensure that the fuel valve is constantly on the OPEN position and that the vacuum relief at the top of the gas tank is open
Generator is loaded when starting Unplug all electronics from the receptacles before starting the generator.
Damaged Spark Plugs Replace the spark plugs with a new set

So, how do you start your Predator 3500 generator?

Starting your generator is a simple process. All you need to do is follow the following steps;

Step One: Ensure that your Predator 3500 is in a well-ventilated environment

Generally, generators emit carbon monoxide which can cause suffocation when the ambient levels are too high. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your generator is outside the house, but away from moisture or dust. Also, ensure that it is away from the windows and doors of your house because carbon monoxide can go in.

Step Two: Confirm whether the oil and fuel levels of your predator 3500 are at the recommended range

For your generator to operate efficiently, the fuel in the tank should be at at least 15% of the overall generator tank capacity. The oil in the crankcase should also be at the gauge level.

Step Three: Disconnect all load from your Predator 3500 before turning on the fuel valve

When turning on your generator, it should not be connected to any household appliances and tools. Disconnect the appliances by removing the connecting cable from the receptacle to avoid damaging them permanently. Once all your appliances are disconnected, turn on the fuel valve. Doing this enables fuel to flow into the carburetor for a smooth start and continuous operation.

Step Four: Move the choke to closed position then turn the engine switch on

To close the choke rod, move it from left to right. Once the choke is closed, the next thing would be to turn on the engine switch. The Predator 3500 offers the recoil start mechanism and has an engine switch, which you have to engage before you can start your generator. To do this, you can turn the key clockwise until it locks in position.

Step Five: Start the Generator

The Predator 300 offers two starting methods. You can either engage the recoil starter or use the electric button. To start it with the recoil starter, pull the rope slowly until you feel some kind of resistance before you apply a fast pull. As for the button, all you need to do is press it down for the engine to start running.

Once you have started your generator, move the choke lever to open position (which is its original rest position)

Step 6: Let your generator run without any appliances connected to it

You need to always ensure that your generator is in the right state to carry the load. To do this, run the generator without any connected appliances (load) for about 3-5 minutes.

Step 7: Connect your appliances and tools to the generator

Now that your generator is in the right state to carry the load, it is time to connect your tools and appliances. To connect the load, move the transfer switch from the neutral position to the generator position. Also, you can connect the connection cable to the panel receptacle. Once it is on, the Predator 3500 can run uninterrupted for approximately 11 hours.

Final thoughts

The starting process is outlined in your generator manual. If you are unable to locate different parts of your generator, ensure to check with your user manual to avoid damaging any mechanical parts. The whole idea is to start your Predator 3500 the right way to ensure its efficient operation.


  1. Does the fuel level affect the starting process of my generator?

Yes. Your generator may not start up when the fuel levels are too low.

  1. How do I check the oil level of the Predator 3500 generator?

You would have to monitor the oil levels on the dipstick of your generator.