How to store Honda EU2200i

Generally, you ought to properly store and maintain your portable generator during periods of non-use- whether short term or long term. By doing this, you can potentially increase the shelf life of your generator.

The Honda EU2200i is greatly valued for its reliability, durability and efficiency. Useful top quality and high performing generators, such as the Honda EU2200i can be a significant investment, but they tend to last even longer and return the favor if you take good care of them. Making sure that your generator is properly stored, cleaned, and well-maintained allows you to save time and money, as well as ensuring that the generator consistently meets your electrical needs. That said, all you need to do is follow proper storage guidelines to get the most out of your investment. So, how do you store your Honda EU2200i generator?

Storing the Honda EU2200i short term requires basic cleaning and maintenance of the generator, whereas long term storage involves a more rigorous maintenance procedure that includes inspection, cleaning and oil drainage. Let us expound on this further.

How to store the Honda EU2200i short term

If you know that you are planning to use your Honda EU2200i generator after approximately 30 days, then you do not need to do so much. All you need to do is go through the basic maintenance process often described in the owner’s manual. In this case, all you have to do is;

  • Dust off the generator. Dust often collects around the electrical connections of your generator. Too much off it can cause problems with reliability. So, you can use pressurized air to keep dust off the electrical connections.
  • Clean off dirt and debris from vital parts of the generator. Accumulated dirt, oil, and grease tend to clog mobile parts of the generator. In this case, using a liquid solvent may be a good idea.
  • Check through the generator for any loose bolts or fried wires. Loose connections are quite deadly and tend to cause electric shocks and fires. Based on these reasons alone, you need to always ensure that all the bolts are tightened and the wires correctly connected.
  • Top up your fuel tank. Doing this prevents moisture from accumulating the generator tank hence the seals do not dry out. However, you can only top it off when the generator cools off to prevent any damages.

How to store the Honda EU2200i long term

If you intend to store the Honda EU2200i for a longer period of time, say about 2 months to a year, the storage procedure is slightly more demanding. The steps are as follows;

Step One: Preparation for storage

Before storing your generation, you ought to clean it thoroughly and inspect it. Take time to dust of the generator unit using a soft bristle brush. When doing this, ensure to get rid of dirt, debris, old grease and grime that may have accumulated on the generator parts. Also, check for any lose or frayed wires, loose or missing bolts, and any corroded parts of the generator. If you identify anything out of the ordinary, ensure to get it fixed it before moving on to the next step.

Step Two: Drain the fuel tank and carburetor

When doing this, ensure that your generator is in a well-ventilated area. Afterward, locate the manual fuel shutoff valve and close it before using a siphon pump to drain the fuel from the tank. Once drained, store the gas in a can then add a fuel stabilizer to it if you will not be using it for a prolonged period of time. Remember to close the lid on the fuel tank after you are done draining the fuel.

When it comes to draining the carburetor, take your generator outside and let it run until it stops on its own. By doing this, all the fuel left in the fuel line is burned off completely.

Step Three: Add new engine oil into the cylinder

Here, you need to turn off the generator and disconnect the spark plug wire. Once you have done this, the next thing would be to remove the spark plug then add a small amount of new engine oil into the cylinder. Engine oil ensures maximum efficiency of the generator even after storage. After adding the oil, use a clean rug to wipe off any spillovers then pull the recoil starter on the Honda EU2200i a few times to ensure maximum distribution of the engine oil around the cylinder bore and the piston ring. Before putting the generator away, ensure to reinstall the spark plug and reconnect the spark plug wire correctly.

Step Four: Store the Honda EU2200i generator in a cool, dry place

Now that you have drained all the fuel and added new engine oil into the cylinder, the last thing to do is to store the generator unit in a cool, dry place away from dust and moisture. Also, remember to keep the generator from any potential sources of fire or heat to prevent any accidents. You can use a weather-resistant cover to protect it from further damage.

How does climate affect the storage of your Honda EU2200i generator?

One of the most important factors that you ought to consider when storing your generator is the climate. If you live in an arid area, placing it in an air-conditioned garage and covering it with a tarp would prolong its lifespan. However, if you live in a human and rainy region, then you wouldn’t really need to consider the air-conditioner.

The table below gives more information about how climate affects the storage of your Honda EU2200i generator.

Type of Climate
Hot Climates
Cold Climates
Wet Climates (Rain, Humidity, Snow)
Too much heat damages fuel lines
Fuel freezes in the fuel lines (especially if the temperature drops below freezing

Melted snow can cause rust and corrosion

Can cause rusting in all metallic generator parts and can cause electric shocks and explosion
Store in a very cool place
Store under a weather-resistant cover or shed
Ensure generator is dry at all times

Final Thoughts

Storing an inverter generator correctly is very important, however, we often overlook doing so. Always remember that storing your generator the right way prolongs its life span and makes it even more reliable.


  1. Where should I store my Honda EU2200i generator?

The whole idea is to ensure that you store your generator in a cool dry place. So, you can store it in generator tents, sheds, and covers to protect it from the weather elements and debris that could potentially damage your generator.

  1. Is it better to store the Honda EU2200i with or without gas?

For long-term storage, you are advised to store the Honda EU2200i without any gasoline in the tank. However, you can also store the inverter generator with gasoline inside the tank if you use a stabilizer to prevent corrosion.