Is the Predator 3500 Generator Waterproof?

Generator placement and operation often determines its durability, reliability, and efficiency. To understand the placement and operation of your predator 3500, you need to always refer to the owner’s manual.

Because outdoors is the most ideal place to safely operate your Predator 3500 portable generator, taking it outside is absolutely compulsory to keep anyone around your home or job site safe from a carbon monoxide buildup. At the same time, we are affirmed that the Predator 3500 can be used during a wide variety of weather temperatures and seasons, but it is essential to protect it from the elements when not in use to prevent shorting and rusting. But, what happens when it rains? Do you leave it running out in the open? Is it waterproof enough to withstand the rain?

Unfortunately, the Predator 3500 is not waterproof. Just like every other electrical machine, you should never use it when wet or when you are standing in water. Also, you should not operate it in the rain or snowy weather.

Why shouldn’t you use your generator in wet weather?

We do not have much control over natural disasters and the effects that come with them. However, we have control over how we can protect our equipment and prolong their life despite any weather challenges. At the same time, it is important to note that when using any portable generator, including the Predator 3500 as an emergency backup after a storm or when it is raining, it is likely to encounter moisture as it operates. The owner’s manual identifies that it is not safe to use the Predator 3500 generator in wet weather, rain, or snow because water can quickly get into the generator outlets and cause disaster.

It can damage the generator entirely and can even cause electrocution the minute the electric dashboard gets wet. Also, moisture causes the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) outlets to shut off. When the GFCI outlets shut off, they can even spark a fire and cause a generator breakdown. For these reasons alone, it is important to protect your generator from moisture. Not only for safety reasons but to also ensure that it lasts even longer.

How can you protect your Predator 3500 from the rain or any other wet conditions?

When operating any generator, you should always remember that water and electricity should never mix. When they do, the result is electrocution, permanent generator damage, and even a possible explosion that could kill many people. With that in mind, then it would be ideal to explore a few protection options that allow you to ensure the safe operation of your Predator 3500 generator in wet conditions. There are three ways to protect your Predator 35500 from moisture. They are;

Option One: Purchase a weatherproof cover for your generator

Most weatherproof generator covers are tent-like and are ideal for camping, tailgating, and any other outdoor activities where you have no control over the weather. The cover simply protects and waterproofs all the sensitive areas on your Predator 3500 that you wouldn’t want moisture to reach. Additionally, the cover ensures that all the outlets remain dry at all times and it does not tamper with the portability of the generator. You also get easy access to the fuel tank for refueling, and maintenance is fully accessible. If you are worried about the overheating of your generator engine, then you shouldn’t really be. Most of the generator covers maintain quality airflow and ensures seamless cooling of the generator.

However, the tent-like covers have an open bottom, which may cause water to rise to your generator from below. Other times, the cover may be too light to resist too much wind, but you can easily anchor it to prevent it from being blown away. Whatever the case, ensure to purchase a good quality cover to prevent any challenges. A good recommendation would be the GenTent Universal Cover that is completely weatherproof and reliable.

Option Two: Purchasing a Sturdy Steel Enclosure

Steel enclosures are the safest way to operate the Predator 3500 under any weather conditions. However, you cannot install them on your own so you need to work with a professional. The steel enclosure should be placed over a pad of cement to keep it sturdy. For this reason, the steel enclosure is not sturdy making it the best option if you are only using the generator as an emergency home backup in case of a power outage. However, if you need to carry it around for other regular outdoor activities such as camping and for tailgating, then you would need to purchase a second generator. Also, you can purchase other professionally manufactured enclosures made from wood and retrofitted plastic to meet your needs.

Differences between the weatherproof generator cover and the steel enclosure

GenTent Universal Generator Cover
Portable Generator Steel Enclosures
Can be used when the Predator 3500 is running?
Can fit all types of inverter generators aside from the Predator 3500?
Can withstand wind up to 70 MPH


Completely waterproofs the delicate parts of the generator?


Can withstand up to 18” snowload?
The generator remains portable at all times?
No- needs to be installed to the ground
Easy to install?
No- needs to be done by a professional

Final Thoughts

As long as you can take the proper precautions, then you can safely operate your Predator 3500 in any weather conditions. All you have to do is ensure that all the sensitive areas of your generator, especially the outlets, are fully protected from moisture.  At the same time, whichever protective enclosure you use should be able to withstand all weather elements, including strong winds.


  1. Where should I put my Predator 3500 generator during a storm?

Avoid running the generator inside your house or in a closed garage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. You can place it approximately 20 feet from your house, away from all the doors and windows.

  1. Can I leave my generator running outdoors when it rains?

No, move it immediately to a well-ventilated shelter.