Predator 3500 vs 4400

Portable generators allow you to power your RV, outdoor events and even your house during power outages. The generators are compact hence making them easy to carry. Some even come with transport for enhanced mobility. Portable generators are easy to start as most come with electric starters instead of the conventional manual pull and start mechanism. Due to their compact size they tend to be fuel efficient and do not consume much. In this review, we check out two predator models and tell you which is better.

What are the differences between the Predator 3500 and 4400?

Predator 3500
Running watts
Starting watts
Noise levels
Running hours
AC outlets

Predator 3500 vs 4400 – How do they compare

The predator 4400 has a higher running and starting wattage of 3500w and 4400w against the predator 3500 3000w and 3500w. With the higher power you are able to power up more appliances. You also get that extra boost to keep their motors running. The predator 4400 offers a higher run time of 16 hours compared to 11 hours for the 3500. With more hours available you can use the generator to run your household during the day or at night.

Fuel efficiency and noise output

Even though the predator 4400 has a higher power output it is more fuel efficient than the Predator 3500. It has a consumption rating of 0.2GPH at 25% load capacity against the predator 3500 0.24GPH. This means you spend less on fuel with the predator 4400. However, the predator 3500 is less noisier than the 4400 with a noise output of 57dBA against 67dBA.


The predator 4400 is more portable than the predator 3500 coming with a weight ratio of 77lbs. against the latter 99.2lbs. However, the predator 3500 is easy to move around as it comes with transport wheels that lack in the 4400. You also have a double handle in the 3500 which gives you a better grip. The predator 3500 is easier to start because it has a convenient electric starter while in the 4400 you are stuck with the conventional pull and start mechanism. The predator 4400 offers you more AC outlets at five compared to three for the 3500. With more AC outlets you can power up more appliances.

Predator 3500 vs 4400 – A Comparison Overview

Predator 3500 – Overview

The predator 3500 is a 212cc inverter generator that is capable of producing a running wattage of 3000w and starting wattage of 3500w. The predator 3500 is the ideal generator for campers, RV owners, or for occasional outdoor recreational activities. The generator is parallel capable meaning you can pair it to a similar unit for more power output.

The predator 3500 uses a simple electric starter to get things started but you also have the traditional pull and start mechanism. The generator is not noisy and has an output of 57dBA. On a full tank of 2.6 gallons the generator can run for up to 11 hours with a consumption rating of 0.24GPH. The predator 3500 is also sensitive to your electronics due to its low <5% THD.

To operate the generator you get three AC outlets  composed of two 120V 20A outlets and one 120V 30A. You also get 1 DC outlet. You can connect the generator to your RV via a L5-30P adaptor. The predator comes in a closed design and weighs in at 99.2lbs. It comes with four transport wheels and a double handle and this makes it a perfect generator for outdoor activities.

Operation of the generator is simplified courtesy of a digital data center and indicator lights. With the digital center you have access to information in regards to you lifetime run hours, voltage and power output. The indicator lights show you when the generator is ready for use, overloaded or during periods of low oil levels. You also get a built-in fuel gauge to show you when you are running low on fuel.

What we liked:

  • Transport wheels for enhanced portability
  • Digital center for displaying key information
  • Powerful wattage output
  • Electric starter

What we did not like:

Lacks GFCI outlets

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Predator 4400 – Overview

The Predator 4400 is a portable open frame inverter with a running wattage of 3000w and a starting wattage of 4400w. This makes it the ideal companion for campers, RV travellers and is a great generator for powering your home appliances during power shortages.

A 223cc 4-stroke engine that runs on gasoline powers the predator. The generator is parallel capable meaning you can connect to a similar comparable generator for additional power. The Predator 4400 is a bit noisy with an output of 67dBA but this is not load enough to prevent you from operating your appliances. Due to its large 3.2 gallon tank, the predator 4400 is capable of running for up to 16 hours with a consumption rating of 0.2GPH.

With a clean sine wave of <3% THD the predator will power up some of your sensitive electronics without destroying them. The best part about the predator 4400 is that it comes with five AC outlets which means you can power more appliances with it. You have two 120V 20A GFCI outlets, one 120V 30A and two DC outlets. You also get two 5V USB ports. With the later you can comfortably charge your electronics like tablets, mobile phones and other portable accessories.

The Predator 4400 is highly portable as it weighs 77lbs. It does not come with transport wheels and is therefore not that easy to move around. The open frame, though makes it easy to carry around.

The Predator 4400 control panel is simplified and lacks a digital control center like other portable generators. However, you do get indicator lights for when the generator is ready, overloaded or when you are experiencing low oil levels. You also have a built-in fuel gauge to help you monitor your fuel levels. To protect the generator you get overload protection and automatic oil shut off.

The predator 4400 comes with a CO SECURE carbon monoxide detection system that automatically shuts off the engine when levels get too high. This is a feature that helps protect the environment but is also great for users.

What we liked:

  • CO secure technology
  • Great power output
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lighter and easy to carry due to open frame
  • GFCI outlets

What we did not like:

Lack of transport wheels and digital data center

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Verdict: So, which is better – Predator 3500 or 4400

If you are looking for more power than our winner is the predator 4400. The generator has greater running and starting wattage than the predator 3500. It is also more fuel efficient hence helping in gasoline savings. The Predator 4400 also comes with CO technology to keep CO emissions low.


How do I know am running low on fuel with my predator 3500

The generator comes with a built-in fuel gauge that allows you to know low fuel levels

What is the CO SECURE detection system in the Predator 3500?

This is a system that allows the generator to detect high CO levels and automatically shut off the generator