Predator 3500 vs Honda 3000

Portable generators come with the convenience of powering most of your appliances when you are out camping. The generators are mid-sized and some come with wheels for easy portability. You can hook one up with your RV and use it for powering up your blenders, lights and cooling appliances while out camping. The generators also come with the advantage of decreased noise pollution. If you are in search of the perfect portable generator for your home or for the next camping trip you may want to check out this review.

What are the differences between the Predator 3500 and Honda 3000?

Predator 3500
Honda 3000
Running watts
Starting watts
Running time
11 hours
20 hours
22.8”L x 17.3”W x 20” H
25.9”L x 17.6”W x 22”H
Noise levels

Predator 3500 vs Honda 3000 – How do they compare


The predator 3500 has more running power watts of 3000w than the Honda 3000 2800 watts. It also has a higher starting watts of 3500w compared to 3000w for the Honda. What this means is you are able to operate more appliances with the predator than the Honda. With the higher running watts on the predator it means you have more power to start various appliances motors.


The Honda 3000 has a higher run time when loaded to 25% of maximum capacity than the Predator 3500. The Honda 3000 is capable of operating for up to 20 hours compared to 11 hours. This is something you should consider when you are out camping or when you are purchasing a backup generator for your home. The Honda 3000 is also more fuel efficient at 0.17 per gallon per hour.

Noise levels and portability

The Honda Eu3000is is quieter than the predator 3500. The Honda Eu3000is has a noise level of 50dBA which is lower than the Predator 57dBA. This is a significant factor when you consider the kind of neighborhood you are going to be operating the generators. It also makes it more ideal for camping as you do not suffer the environment from noise pollution. The predator 3500 is more portable than the Honda 3000 with a maximum weight capacity of 99.2 lbs. compared to 130.7 lbs. for the Honda Eu3000iS. The predator 3500 is also easier to move around as it comes with a set of wheels for easy movement. However, you both get a double handle to enhance your grip hence boosting portability.

Predator 3500 vs Honda 3000 – A Comparison Overview

Predator 3500 – Overview

The predator 3500 runs on 212 cc OHV 4-stroke engine that is capable of providing 120 v. The inverter generator comes with a rated wattage of 3000w and a starting wattage of 3500watts. This makes it an ideal choice for RV travellers who are looking for something mid-sized, portable with a good power output. It is also an excellent choice as a backup generator for your home or household parties.

Due to the use of advanced inverter technology the Predator 3500 is capable of low fuel consumption without compromising the power output. It has a run time of 11 hours at 25% load and is super quiet with a noise level output of 57 dB. Included in the purchase is a 30 Amp RV adapter that you use for hooking up to your RV.

To enhance its portability the Predator 3500 comes with four wheels that you use to move it around. The predator is also parallel capable meaning you can hook it up to something similar for more power output. The generator comes with a simple pull and start mechanism with an electric starter.

The predator 3500 has a fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons and this allows it to operate continuously for up to 11 hours at 0.24 GPH. The generator is also known for its clean sine wave that allows you to plug in some of your more sensitive electronic devices. It produces <5% Total Harmonic disruption (THD).

Operation of the Predator is via its control panel. Here you are provided with 120v 30A receptacle, two 120v 20 A sockets and I DC outlet. You can connect the generator to your RV via a L5 – 30P to TT-30R adaptor. Weighing in at 99.2 lbs. the predator 3500 is a lightweight generator. A digital display on the generator gives you information on voltage, lifetime run hours, and power output. You also have light indicators to tell you of low oil levels and when the generator is overloaded.

What we liked:

  • Higher running and starting watts
  • Enhanced portability courtesy of lightweight design and wheels
  • DC outlets
  • Digital display
  • Fuel efficient

What we did not like:

Lacks GFCI outlets

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Honda 3000 – Overview

The Honda eu3000iS is a quiet generator featuring a 4-stroke engine capable of an output of 2800 watts. This offers enough power to for most of your AC appliances while on the move. It also offers a starting watts of 3000w.

The Honda eu3000iS has built its name by being one of the quietest generators around with a noise output of 50 dBA. It weighs 130 lbs. and has a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons. It is capable of 20 hours of run time at 25% load and 7 hours at 100% load. This makes it an ideal generator for use when you are hosting outdoor parties or as backup during power outages.

You can start this generator via the manual recoil or electric start. To help in fuel economy the Honda eu3000iS comes with an Eco-Throttle system that automatically adjusts the generator fuel consumption to match current energy requirements. Like most modern portable generators the Honda can be connected to a parallel kit for more power output.

The generator also comes with a low THD of less than 3% and this makes it okay for powering some of your sensitive electronic devices. While the generator lacks portable wheels for easy transportation you do get double handles which helps improve your grip. You get 3 AC outlets on your Honda but it lacks a GFCI outlet. The generator is also fitted with a fuel gauge that allows you to see your current fuel levels. The Honda eu3000iS distinguishes itself with a  CO minder that allows you to monitor carbon monoxide levels and automatically shut off the generator.

What we liked:

  • Higher runtime
  • Quiet operation
  • Fuel efficient
  • CO minder technology

What we did not like:

Lacks wheels for easy transportation

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Verdict: So, which is better – Predator 3500 vs Honda 3000

Our winner is the Predator 3500, we were impressed with its higher running and starting watts when compared to the Honda 3000. With a higher wattage you are able to power up more appliances. The predator is also more portable due to its wheels which makes it quite ideal for use in camping sites and remote areas. The Honda 3000 however, scores points for being quitter and its CO minder technology is a big plus for reducing carbon monoxide pollution.


How long can I use the predator 3500?

At 25% load capacity it has a run time of 11 hours

How easy is it to carry the Honda 3000?

While the Honda 3000 does not have transportation wheels you do have handles for extra grip