Top 3 Goal Zero Yeti 500X Alternatives

Goal Zero offers some of the best power stations, which really are portable batteries ideal for travel, camping, and emergencies. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is one of the power stations under the Goal Zero Yeti X series, and it is a great option if you need a small or a medium-sized power station which is both lightweight and powerful. It might not be the ideal solar power station for you though, or maybe you are shopping for something better than the 500X. Whatever the case, we’ll point you in the right direction of great Goal Zero Yeti 500X alternatives.

Generally, there are several other options you could get in place of the Yeti 500X, but the Ecoflow River 600 Max is one of the best alternatives for the Goal Yeti 500X. In addition to being cheaper than the Yeti 500X, it boasts a large power capacity, it is just as powerful, and it would be a great option for you if you are looking for a little more power while spending much less. Beyond Ecoflow River, Jackery and Bluetti also offer great alternatives you may want to try out.

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Alternatives – Comparison Table

Solar Power Stations
Power Capacity (Watt-Hours)
AC Outlets
Check Price
Ecoflow River 600 Max
3 AC Outlets
MAXOAK BLUETTI AC50S Portable Power Station
2 AC Outlets
Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station
1 AC outlet

Top 3 Goal Zero Yeti 500X Alternative

So, let’s explore the best alternatives for the Yeti 500X.

  1. Ecoflow River 600 Max

For starters, the EcoFlow River 600 Max Portable power station is cheaper than the Yeti 500X, and it also offers a little more power than the Yeti 500X, which means that if you are looking for more power at a lower cost, then EcoFlow River 600 Max would be a good option for you. It’s also lightweight and only weighs 11lbs.

Its main features are as follows:

Large battery capacity – the River 600 Max boasts a battery capacity of 576Wh with an extra battery incorporated, which is more than Yeti’s capacity of 505 Watts. It, therefore, means that you’d be able to charge your devices for much longer.

Smart Inverter – in addition to the large capacity, the River Max boasts an effective smart inverter that gives you more power and efficiency, and the device can handle a maximum power surge of 1800W. This special inverter also tends to have a bigger power output, especially when you’re using as much as 80% of your power tools, kitchen appliances, DIY tools, and home appliances. The best part is that you won’t have to turn on this functionality for it to kick in, which makes it a great function.

AC outlets and ports – for enhanced functionality, the power station sports 3 AC outlets. The Yeti 500X features only 2 AC outlets. On top of these AC outlets, the power station also features a 100W USB-C PD – which is quite impressive in our books; in fact, it is the only power station that is known to have a 100W capacity USB-C PD port. This USB-C port is not only one of the most powerful ports but also an effective port for charging your USB-C laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Generally, it is able to power up to 10 devices at once, and it can power devices up to 1800W on the X-Boost mode. Even so, it would be more ideal to use it with devices that need a maximum of 1200W.

Faster Charging – Speaking of charging performance, the River 600 Max can handle a large power input of up to 200W of power from the solar panels, meaning you can charge the battery in under 2 hours. On the other hand, the Yeti 500X boasts a 10A 120W and 60W USB-C PD that allows for faster charging. This power station features the X-Stream charge technology, which allows for easy recharge from 0% to 80% in an hour, making it the fastest rate of recharge. The best part is that you can enable the Quick Charging function from the app. In addition to the quick charge, it also features a quiet charging function that is easily enabled on the EcoFlow app.

WiFi connectivity – thanks to its WiFi connectivity, you’ll have access to the Yeti App, which means that you can control and monitor the performance of the power station with great ease.

Modular Designthe River 600 Max comes in a modular design, which means that you can leave your extra battery when you don’t need it, for example, when you’re going away for a short camping weekend. Note that the extra battery will still add some extra weight to the Yeti 500X, which makes the removable option a great option for you if you don’t always need the extra power/ weight. Essentially, the 600 Max boasts a capacity of 288Wh that can be doubled up to 576Wh when you need extra power. You could detach the extra battery rather easily, which is not an option with the Yeti 500X.

Extra Features – the other features incorporated into this power station include the car charger, USB Cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, and an MC4 adapter.

But the two are not all different, as they share some commonalities. These include the great screens that give you details of the battery percentage, the battery bars, the time remaining to empty or full, as well as the output and the input watts. But the Yeti offers more functions on the screen, and you will also access the details of the total watts used, the amps output, and the battery voltage.

In addition to the screens, both also feature the MPPT charge controllers, although the 600 Max handles more in terms of the total input. There also is a 12V cigarette lighter port, as well as fast USB-A ports.

Note that the Yeti 500X lacks the removable battery option or the X-Stream Fast Charging, meaning you can keep your devices powered up with ease when camping, traveling, and/or when you need an emergency power source for outdoor use – it will be fully charged in a maximum of 96 minutes.

The River 600 Max is also quite lightweight, which means that it’s quite easy to use outdoors and also the best part about your adventures with its 576Wh maximum capacity.

You can charge it using the wall outlet, the car charger, or solar panels.

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  1. MAXOAK BLUETTI AC50S Portable Power Station

MAXOAK Portable Power Station 500Wh AC50S Solar Generator Lithium Battery Backup for Outdoor Camping Van Trip (Regulated 12V,MPPT,Wireless Charging,PD 45W USB-C,2AC Pure Sine-Wave Outlets)…
  • 500Wh Portable Power Station:G-mark Award 2019 power station,high capacity 500Wh/300W(Peak 450W) rechargeable...
  • Charge 11 Devices Simultaneously:Featuring a wide range of output options including two AC outlets, one PD 45W...
  • AC/Solar/Car/Generator Recharge:6-6.5Hrs to full recharge the power station from a wall outlet (90W AC Adapter...
  • Safety& Durable:Soft glue design & superior flame retardant material. built in Auto-level battery cell, it has...
  • What You Get:1*MAXOAK Portable Power Station (500Wh/300W, 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs), 1*AC Adapter ,1*car...

With a relatively high power capacity of 500W that supplies up to 500Wh of power to match your needs, this 14lbs Bluetti A50S might be the best power station option for you if you are looking for something that matches up to the Yeti 500X.

This solar generator/ power station is your ideal power solution for outdoor camping in your RV or camper, thanks to its high-performance lithium battery that works excellent in powering up your different electronics and appliances. Some of the other features responsible for the exceptional performance of this Yeti 500X include the regulated 12V output port, the MPPT charge controller, its wireless charging function, the 2-AC Pure Sine Wave outlets that work great for your iPhone and laptop, as also the 45W USB-C PD port. These ports enhance their efficiency. Note that the pre-installed MPPT ensures superfast charging up to 40% faster than other charging panels. This power station can be charged on the wall outlet, from the car battery, a generator, or solar panels.

Bluetti has also incorporated the best quality EV-grade 3C battery cell to this power station, and this goes a long way in enhancing the life of the battery while also ensuring excellent heat dissipation and an increase in its stability; which are all elegant features needed for the best performance of the power station.

Other notable features include the charge and pass-through (discharge) function, the solar recharge MPPT mode, and the robust and reliable inverter that allow for best/ safe use during power surges.

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  1. Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500, 518Wh Outdoor Solar Generator Mobile Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/500W AC Outlet for Home Use, Emergency Backup,Road Trip Camping (Solar Panel Optional)
  • LONG LASTING ENDURANCE: The Explorer 500 portable power station is built with the lithium-ion battery pack, in...
  • SUPPORT PASS-THROUGH CHARGING: This power station features 1* AC outlet (110V 500W 1000W Peak), 3*USB-A ports,...
  • DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY: Same size as a basketball, this Explorer 500 is easy to carry with its solid handle,...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station (518Wh Power Station), 1*AC adapter, 1* car...
  • Important: Please provide a physical address for orders - products cannot be delivered to just a PO Box...

We’d also recommend this 13.3lbs Jackery Explorer 500 as an alternative for the Yeti 500X. It is a well-built and powerful power station that’s ideal for outdoor and emergency use thanks to its large battery capacity of 518Wh. While it will not power everything in your home or the van when on a road trip, it sports more than enough capacity to power up your essential electronics and appliances. Its lithium battery pack is efficient, reliable, and built to last, thanks to its long-lasting endurance. Essentially, you can use it to power your mini-fridge, air pump, cooling fan, TV, projector, and lamplight.

Its support for pass-through charging means that safer and faster charging. The charging ports present in the Jackery 500 include a single AC outlet rated 110V and 500W with a peak power capacity of 1000W. There also are 2 DC ports, a single car port, and three USB-A ports.

On top of these, the power station boasts the best level of protection for the battery and the charging system, including the over-charge protection, over/short-current protection, over-discharge, over-voltage, as well as thermal protection. There is also a built-in MPPT charge controller.

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The Yeti 500X is one of the budget-friendly, portable, powerful, and affordable power stations on the market. It is easy to use, and it comes with a wide range of features that allow you to power up your devices outdoors or in emergencies at home. But if you need a little more power at a lower price, then the EcoFlow River 600 Max would be more suitable. It comes with a removable battery option, meaning you can lug around something lighter if you don’t have too many devices to power up and if you will be away for just a few days. The other impressive feature of the River 600 Max is its quick charging, among other features. As mentioned above, the MAXOAK AC50S and the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power stations make great alternatives for the Goal Zero as well.


Can you use the EcoFlow River 600 Max to power your high-wattage appliances?

Yes, you could use this 600 Max to power up your high-wattage devices and appliances to a maximum of 1200W, thanks to the company’s proprietary technology known as X-Boost. That said, you may want to test it out first, just to be sure that it meets your appliance’s high voltage requirements.

Which Solar Panel can I use with the EcoFlow River 600 Max?

Since it uses the MC4 connectors, it works with the Renogy 160W and the Renogy 100W.