What type of oil is for predator 3500 generator?

Generally, different generators require different if not unique oil types depending on the engine they are running on and the fuel type they use. So, what type of oil should you get for your predator 3500 generator?

Did you know that the most common generator failures are traced to improper maintenance and the use of the wrong oil on your generator? While regularly changing the oil in your generator is vital for its efficiency and durability, choosing the right oil for its engine matters too. In that regard, the right oil in your generator matters because it lubricates all the moving parts when it is running, which in turn prevents the engine from seizing and reduces wear in the long run. Also, the oil helps cool down some parts of the generator and inhibits corrosion, especially if you do not use the generator for a prolonged time. Bearing this in mind, we are here to help you understand what type of oil is the best for your predator 3500 generator and how much oil you should use. We also discuss a few factors that you should consider when purchasing generator oil.

So, what type of oil is for predator 3500 generator, and how much oil?

The Predator 3500 inverter generator uses the engine oil type SAE 10W-30, capacity 20 fl. For prolonged usage, you can also consider synthetic high mileage oil 10W40 or 10W30. Generally, the type of oil that your inverter generator needs tend to change depending on the weather and seasons. When the temperatures are too cold, you are advised to use a lower viscosity oil to maintain the performance and efficiency of your generator. When the temperatures are hot, on the other hand, your generator may require higher-viscosity oil.

What are the different types of generator oil and how do you pick the right one for the Predator 3500?

Temperature and thickness are the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the right engine oil for your inverter generator. In general, most inverter generators come with a four-stroke OHV engine, which means that the generator burns straight gasoline as it comes from the gas station pump. Either way, you need to fill up more oil separately so that the engine can function efficiently.

The most common generator oil for that works for most inverter generators that have 4-stroke engines, is the 10W30 oil grade of any brand that is ideally used in trucks and cars. Also, you can read through the bottle packaging on different lawnmower motor oil and check for the SAE connotation  system that gives you an idea of whether the oil you purchased is the synthetic type or not. To give further insight on this, we will explore the different SAE oil types, which are;

Type of Oil
Ideal Conditions of use
SAE 30
For portable inverter generators with small engines and is the best to use if you live in areas with warmer temperatures
Vanguard W50
Well-optimized through innovative technology to accommodate different temperature ranges. It is also the best type of fuel for commercial and landscaping workloads
SAE 10W30
Is of thinner viscosity, hence allows the generator engine to start easily when the weather is too cold. The main shortcoming of this type of oil is that it results in higher gasoline/fuel consumption
Synthetic SAE
Most versatile type out of all 5. It works pretty well for all kinds of weather temperatures and ensures the least oil consumption, which often comes in handy if you are a frequent generator user

When should you change the oil on your Predator 3500?

Manufacturer specifications found in the owner’s manual are the only guide that you should use to determine when and how to change your generator oil. Most inverter generators require a regular oil change, however, you may come across some special engines with a label written ‘no oil change’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t supposed to change to oil on your generator. All you need to do is constantly check whether the oil is running out or keep tabs on the indicators before adding the required amount of oil as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

That said, you should at least try and change the oil on your generator at least once every spring or summer (when the temperatures are hot), depending on which of the two comes first. Most new inverter generators need their first oil change after the first 25 hours of operation. Beyond that, you will have to get rid of the old oil remains and refill the tank after every 50 to 60 hours. Once you have changed the oil, ensure to maintain the routine if you want to keep your engine healthy. Also, ensure to store up enough oil and factory filters to last for a couple of days.

In addition to that, most generator experts recommend that you do a full oil change after every 100 hours of use, especially if you run your generator every day or tend to use it for overnight and heavy-duty applications. For safety purposes, ensure that your generator has cooled off completely before doing an oil change.

A Summary on Generator Oil Change for Predator 3500

Type of Oil
Amount needed
When to change
Oil for Predator 3500 generator
SAE 10W-30, capacity 20 fl
12 Quarts
After the first 25 hours of operation

After every 50 to 60 hours or after every 100 hours of use


Using the right kind of oil and putting the right amount of fuel into your generator allows you to get the most out of its efficiency and overall functionality. Also, changing the oil frequently ensures that it maintains peak performance at all times.


  1. How long can I use the Predator 3500 on a full tank?

At 25% load capacity, the Predator 3500 can run uninterrupted for a maximum of 11 hours.

  1. Can I use low-quality synthetic oil on my Predator 3500?

Yes, you can. However, you will not get the best performance.