What will the Honda EU2200i run?

The Honda EU2200i features two AC outlets and a single DC outlet to accommodate your electric needs. Additionally, it has a reliable power output of 2200 watts, which is just enough to power multiple appliances and tools. 

It is very important to choose the right sized generator to match your electric needs. If you use one that is too small, then you are likely to experience problems with overloading that could potentially damage your sensitive electronics. A bigger generator on the other hand, can power multiple appliances and tools but will require too much effort when it comes to maintenance. Generally, the right sized generator is based on a calculation that combines the number and type of electrical appliances you intent to power. But first, what will the Honda EU2200i run?

The Honda EU2200i can run several appliances and tools, some of which include a refrigerator or freezer, an RV air conditioner, fan, lights, dehumidifier and a garage door opener. Additionally, it can seamlessly power a computer, printer, modem, router, phone systems and fax machines as well as kitchen appliances such as a microwave, electric frying pan, and a coffee maker. 

What are the starting and running watts of the Honda EU2200i?

It is essential to understand the distinction between starting and running watts as they determine the total electrical load that the generator supplies. That starting watts, alternatively known as surge watts, is the power that your Honda EU2200i generator can supply for a very short while. In simpler terms, it is the power supply needed to start the motor of any heavy-duty tools and all the household appliances in general. Running watts, also known as continuous or rated watts, is the power that your generator can supply all the time. The rated watts simply run all your devices and tools at a continuous momentum for as long as your generator is on. In this case, the Honda EU2200i offers 2200 starting wattage and 1800 running watts. These two wattage values are just enough to keep your devices running throughout the day. 

So, what appliances and tools can the Honda EU2200i power?

The table below gives a summary of the appliances and tools that your Honda EU2200i generator can power.

Purpose Appliances and Tools Starting Wattage Running Wattage Can be run by Honda EU2200i
Power backup system for your home during a power outage Laptop and Desktop Computer 250 250 Yes
Hot Water Heater 4500 4500 Only when paralleled
Microwave and Oven (800 W) 1300 1300 Yes
Air Conditioner/Fan (10,000 BTU) 2200 1500 Yes


LED TV 120 120 Yes
Portable Heater 600 400 Yes
Incandescent Light Bulb 60 60 Yes
Outdoor tools 2 hp Chainsaw 1100 1100 Yes
10inch Table Saw 4500 4500 Only when paralleled
Hand Drill 900 600 Yes
Rotary Hammer 1200 850 Yes
RV and Camping Essentials RV Fridge 600 180 Yes
Blueray Player 350 350 Yes
RV AC (15000 BTU) 3300 2000 Only when paralleled
RV AC (11000 BTU) 1600 1000 Yes
Laptop 250 250 Yes

How can you identify what size of a generator matches your electric needs?

Generally, small inverter generators provide anywhere between 1,000 and 3,000 running and starting watts. To determine the type of appliances and tools that can be powered by a portable inverter generator, you need to estimate your energy needs to evaluate the amount of wattage you would need. So, how do you calculate what size of generator matches your electric needs?

Step One: Identify all the devices you would like to power

It is essential to list all the critical home appliances and tools that you need to run during an emergency power outage. You should also identify all the items you want to keep running when out camping or embarking on any other outdoor activities. In this case, you can list items such as the lighting circuits, fridge and freezer, AC, and other sensitive electronics, such as your smartphone, laptop, etc.

Step Two: Pay attention to the power output of your generator  

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the starting wattage, which is the amount of power that any of your appliances and tools would need to start app. Any tool (such as chainsaws, air conditioners, refrigerators, hand drills, etc.) that has a motor tend to require more wattage to start up. The second thing you should pay attention to is the running wattage, which is the amount of energy your appliances and tools would need to continuously run after the initial startup.

Just to give a little more insight on this, we will look at one example of the RV AC according to the table above. The Honda EU2200i can seamlessly power and run an 11000 BTU RV AC because the Air Conditioner requires 1600 starting watts and 1000 running watts. However, the Honda EU2200i cannot run the 13500 BTU RV AC because it requires 2800 starting watts and 1800 running watts; neither can it run the 15000 BTU RV AC that requires 3300 starting watts and 2000 running watts.

Step Three: Connect your load to the generator

While it is a god idea to identify your electrical needs and match them to the power output of your generator, it is equally important to note that running your Honda EU2200i or any other generator at full load can cause potential damages. For this reason, you are better off with a bigger generator that offers extra wattage.

The good thing is, the Honda EU2200i offers parallel compatibility, which allows you to connect two or more similar units for an increased power output. So, if you want to power and run heavy duty appliances and tools, you can consider connecting two or more generator units using a parallel kit.

Final Thoughts

The Honda EU2200k can operate a wide range of appliances and tools, making it the perfect companion for a variety of uses for camping, home, and so much more. All you have to do is ensure that your electric needs match the power output of the generator.


  1. Do I need to power the entire household during a power outage?

No, you do not. You only need to power the essential equipment, especially if you live in a disaster prone environment.

  1. How many watts would I need to power my entire house?

You would need approximately 5500-7500 watts of power.