Where are Honda EU2200i generators made?

Honda is a well- known brand in the automotive and electric industry. This is because they constantly manufacture new and advanced appliances, tools, and machines to match modern technological requirements.

Power failures and accidental electricity cuts have been a nuisance since time immemorial. However, technologies such as inverter generators enable us to power up our household appliances in the absence of direct electricity. The Honda EU2200i for example, is a good inverter generator that comes with a high performance engine and sturdy design. Without doubt, its features enable it to be popular and welcomed by outdoor enthusiasts, homeowners, and even business owners. So, where are the Honda EU2200i generators manufactured?

Honda EU2200i generators are manufactured in different countries across the globe, including Japan, Thailand, the US, China, France, and India. Once they are produced and assembled, they are sent to other parts of the world, such as North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and all the other continents.

What are the technical specifications of the Honda EU2200i?

The table below outlines the technical specifications of the Honda EU2200i generator.

Generator Model
Honda EU2200i
Type of Generator
Portable Inverter Generator
Source of Fuel
Generator Measurements

( Length x Width x Height)

20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
47.4 lbs
Engine Type
121 cc Honda GXR120 Commercial Series
Noise Production Levels
48 decibels
Max AC Output

(Starting watts.)  

2200 W
Rated  Output

(Running Watts)

1800 W
Maximum operating Hours for every 25 percent load capacity at a full tank
Up to 8.1 hours
Fuel Tank Capacity
0.95 gallons
Starting System
Recoil Pull Start Mechanism

What are the top features of the Honda EU2200i?

If you are looking for a portable inverter generator to power sensitive electric appliances, for camping, or to power your RV, you would be impressed by everything the Honda EU2200i has to offer. The Honda EU2200i is amongst the quietest, lightest and most powerful inverter generators within its range. Additionally, it is renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and top-notch consistent performance. In this section, we will discuss some of the top features of the Honda EU2200i in detail.

Power Output

The Honda EU2200i runs on a powerful 121cc 4-Stroke commercial series engine, which is bigger than most generator engines, hence its ability to power the most heavy-duty appliances and tools. Moreover, it has a high power output. To be more specific, it provides 2200 starting watts with volts of about 240 and running watts of 1800. To add to that, it produces a steady direct current of 2.3 amps, which is enough to simultaneously power all your household appliances and tools.

Run Time

Generally, the maximum run time of your generator determines whether you can use it for overnight or prolonged applications. In this case, the Honda EU2200i can operate your appliances and tools for up to 8.1 hours at a full load capacity. This amount of time is just enough to get you through a prolonged power outage or a full-day/all night tailgating party.

Fuel Efficiency

The generator features a high-performing eco-throttle structure, which significantly allows for substantial fuel efficiency. Because of this feature, the Honda EU2200i has a low gasoline consumption of 0.17 GPH. This means that you won’t have to spend less on fuel.

Noise Production Levels

The Honda EU2200i is fitted with a technologically sophisticated muffler that ensures quiet operation. To be more specific, it has a low noise rating of 53-59 decibels. Because of this, you can comfortably use the generator in any noise-sensitive environments.

Monitoring Features

The generator has a low oil sensor, which notifies you when the fuel level in the tank runs below average. This feature protects your engine from damage and ensures safe operation. Additionally, it features the advanced CO Minder technology that monitors the carbon monoxide levels produced by the generator. When the CO levels are extremely high, he monitor automatically shuts down the generator.

What are the pros and cons of the Honda EU2200i?


  • Very quiet operation hence ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments
  • Portable and lightweight enough to accommodate the needs of outdoor enthusiasts
  • Features an exclusive eco-throttle system that ensures greater fuel efficiency
  • Monitors carbon monoxide levels through its advanced CO Minder technology
  • Bluetooth and Parallel capable
  • CARB and EPA-compliant, making it legal for use in nearly all the states in the US and other parts of the world


  • Only has the recoil pull/start mechanism unlike other modern generators which have an electric start
  • Does not come with a cable or kit to support the parallel function, so you may need to incur a lot more costs

Who is the Honda EU2200i best suited for?

The Honda EU2200i is a 2200-Watt inverter generator which is versatile enough to accommodate all your electric needs. Additionally, it ensures quiet running and the safety of its users. Also, it has a great rating for runtime, a high power output, and high quality features that ensure its reliability and efficiency. Based on these features, it is an ideal option for powering RVs and is equally good for any outdoor activities. Aside from that, it is a reliable power backup system when paralleled with a similar unit.

Verdict: Should you purchase the Honda EU2200i?

Yes, you should. The Honda EU2200i is the most powerful generator within its range. It has a reliable runtime, a high power output, and is versatile enough to accommodate all your power needs. Also, you would be impressed by its overall performance and low gasoline consumption.


  1. Does the Honda EU2200i come with indicator lights?

Yes, it does. The Honda EU22000i features LED indicator lights that let you know whether your generator is on/off or whether the oil in the tank seems too low.

  1. Can you use the Honda EU2200i in all the states in the United States?

Yes, you can. The Honda EU2200i is CARB and EPA certified making it ideal and legal for use in all the states in the US.  Additionally, you can use it in all the other continents without having to worry about any problems with legality.